Kaspar Companies Rebrand

After over a century of existence, and a major organizational restructure, Kaspar Companies tasked Espresso to reinvent their brand and provide a clear strategic message defining who Kaspar Companies was and create an appropriate identity to visually represent this historical change.

The evolution of creating a lasting logo all began with getting a firm grasp on the name of the company. Throughout the town of Shiner and the corporate campus’ hallways, Kaspar Companies had come to be known by a multitude of names — “Kaspar Wire Works,” “Kaspar’s,” “Kaspar Companies,” “KCI” — which created a lot of confusion. We recognized the need for a solid and stable visual identity that would foster community-wide clarity about who they were and what role they played. We agreed on the name “Kaspar Companies” as it was the most appropriate representation of the new role as a true financial holding company.

Our initial concept exploration focused on creation of a clever symbol that recognized our roots while insinuating our innovate future. After a tedious process, we decided that Kaspar Companies, now a holding company, shouldn’t be defined by a single representative object. We went back to the crisp simplicity found in one of our original logotypes, an altered font design that derived from a Swiss designer: our good old friend Berthold. The font fit perfectly as the Swiss design reflects the company’s historical excellence in manufacturing and service. The small swoosh of the “r” at the end of the logo gives it a touch of forward motion.