BEDROCK Truck Beds

Building BEDROCK

The executives at Ranch Hand Truck Accessories enlisted in Espresso’s expertise to start from a blank page to build a truck bed brand that would accurately embody their blend of both a handsome build and a sturdy backbone. Thus, “BEDROCK” was born.

The name

The name “BEDROCK” is the brainchild of our graphic designer, Amy Marcak. An Espresso employee for a whopping three weeks, she spoke the name during a brainstorming session, the room grew quiet and we all had this magical, warm feeling deep inside . . . this was the name. The first half of the word — “bed” — coincides with the actual product: a truck bed. “Rock,” the second part, channels its solid stability and strength. When put together, the word emits a prehistoric aura of sturdy bones and rugged survival.



The mammoth, illustrated by Espresso, ties to the BEDROCK name while cohesively exhibiting the mighty strength of the truck beds.

Color palette

Committed to the truck bed’s color combination of crisp black and clean white, we wanted an attention-grabbing accent color to represent the hard-working nature of Bedrock’s consumers. Yellow, often seen in collaboration with machinery, construction, and their respective crews, stood out as the leading color sidekick.


We originally decided to photograph the branded truck beds at a geographic phenomenon known as the “Indian Penitentiary” here in South Texas. We wanted to put Bedrock Truck Beds on the moon, or as close as we could make it appear. Our creative director, Chris Kaspar, spent a Saturday outside chopping down huisache with a chainsaw to get the picture just right, only for a month-long monsoon to make its way down to South Texas. With the soggy terrain, there was no way we were going to be able to stick with our original plan. So we decided to do something even better: Bedrock Truck Beds on an oil pad site. The oil company ran us off their property, but luckily we got the shots we needed in the hour before they noticed us and came to lay down the law.

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