Kaspar Quarterly 2017 Q4 – Headlines

“The face of news has changed, but headlines still play a prominent and influential role in the world.”

            -Don G. Kaspar, 3rd Generation Owner, Kaspar Companies

HEADLINES – such a relevant theme for our current political and societal environment. People are tired of media manipulation and saddened by the downward trend of trust in media sources. Espresso decided to take that theme and introduce some purity to it for Kaspar Companies. We recruited 8 specialists within our company to report on topics that directly affect our subsidiaries. The goal was to Break From Fake!

The Twitter page inserted a punch of fun with inside jokes and real life happenings amongst the people of Kaspar Companies.

Chris Kaspar, president and creative director at Espresso, created an original painting for the cover saturated with references to current political and social topics.

The thing that makes this edition especially special is that Don Kaspar wrote the State of the Union. Don was our 88 year old patriarch of Kaspar Companies. A leader in the company for over six decades, Don has a very special place in the hearts and the hallways of Kaspar Companies. On November 4, 2017, Don passed away from a massive heart attack. We are especially proud that he filled the first page with his historically rich, wise words before he left us for his heavenly home.

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