Truck Bed Product Descriptions

DIAMOND SERIES PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Diamond series non-skirted flatbed is expertly designed to accommodate all your towing needs. With four different sizes and two reliable towing options to choose from, this flatbed offers the ultimate versatility. The diamond-plated steel deck, rear, and sides make for a solid and reliable build. Whether you’re pulling a light load down a smooth street or a heavy payload over rough terrain, this flatbed is built to make your job easier.

GRANITE SERIES PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Granite Series skirted flatbed can be tailored to you and your truck’s specific needs. The flatbed boasts a diamond-plated steel deck finished with Bedrock’s industry-leading polyester, powder-coat application process. Stainless steel latches and locks accent the integrated toolboxes that are compact and convenient to help streamline the truck on the road. The skirted flatbed features both a receiver and gooseneck hitch, offering versatile towing options that focus on safety.

MARBLE SERIES PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Marble Series flatbed can be customized to fit your needs. This new model presents an abundance of equipment storage, with both top and side access. Work well after the sun goes down with its high intensity LED work lights located on the adjustable headache rack and tailgate.

SLATE SERIES PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Slate Series flatbed offers solid and reliable towing options thanks to Bedrock’s industry-leading receiver hitch and highly rated gooseneck hitch. This non-skirted flatbed comes with a diamond-plated steel deck and smooth-steel rear and sides. Side rails create a solid barrier along the edge of the deck which features handy stake pockets to maximize the flatbed’s available space. Feel safe and secure whether you are driving a single rear wheel truck with a light load on rough terrain or through the city with a heavy load on a dual rear wheel truck.

LIMESTONE SERIES PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Limestone Series flatbed is built to battle the elements. Neither rough outdoor conditions nor heavy cargo loads are a challenge for its platform body. Designed to meet all your hauling needs, the flatbed features external stake pockets and rub rail tie downs help keep your cargo secure. Feel secure knowing your truck can pull loads through town and also withstand tough terrain.