Ranch Hand Website Redesign

As Ranch Hand continues the rollout of their new brand identity, a new ranchhand.com launched in the last week of October 2016.

Ranch Hand Rebrand Photography

Espresso’s mindset behind the latest Ranch Hand photography can be summed up in one sentence: “Capture a moment that everyone wants to be a part of.

Ranch Hand Saves Lives

Along with the Espresso team's help, Ranch Hand has prepared a series called Ranch Hand Saves Lives telling the testimonies of real people who may not be here today had they not had a Ranch Hand product on their vehicle.

Kaspar Manufacturing Custom Benches

Historically Kaspar Manufacturing has been a B2B focused business, but with new leadership, they are expanding into some B2C products and have focused their efforts on a couple retail-oriented projects, reflected in their efforts to market their customizable benches through Amazon as of February 2017.

Custom Rifles Website Launch

Horizon Firearms wanted to create a simple place where they could share industry knowledge and their opinion when it pertained to rifles – specifically long range rifles, and long range hunting and shooting.

22 Creedmoor Infographic

Horizon Firearms is one of the few industry experts on the 22 Creedmoor caliber which is becoming more and more popular amongst rifle connoisseurs.

Redesign of Employee Handbooks

Much like with the Kaspar Quarterly, we have made an effort to connect to Kaspar Companies' employees through the newly redesigned Kaspar Employee Handbook, helping to communicate to new hires (and existing employees) the most up-to-date company policies each year.

Ranch Hand Rebrand

Re-branding a company's messaging, design and culture is hard. A successful campaign requires more than a revamped logo.

Truckfitters Rebrand

Truckfitters. Is that even a real word? No. No, it is not. Since 2012 the Truckfitters company has been known as Ranch Hand Truckfitters - a fully owned subsidiary of Ranch Hand.

Creating iota Outdoors

Being a new company ourselves, we love working with startups.  It is refreshing to work with visionary entrepreneurs and creating brands on a new, blank canvas.