Ranch Hand Website Redesign

As Ranch Hand continues the rollout of their new brand identity, a new ranchhand.com launched in the last week of October 2016. This new site undeniably brings a modern flare to their brand.

While most website overhauls of this nature typically result in a partial loss of web traffic, in this case we observed traffic increasing almost immediately with no discernible drop at all. For example, searches for Ranch Hand dealers have already increased 3 times compared to this time last year.

When designing the new Ranch Hand website we put a great deal of effort into optimizing the flow so that users could easily find links to any information that they need from virtually any page. We also strategically planned our menus and page links to funnel users to a list of products specifically for their vehicle, or a dealer listing where they’d be able to go and make a purchase.

Not only does this redesign create a better user experience and reflect the Ranch Hand rebrand, but it also showcases new photography and the launch of the Ranch Hand Saves Lives campaign on the testimonials page.


To see their new website, click here.

To see more Ranch Hand rebrand photography, click here.

To learn more about the Ranch Hand Saves Lives campaign, click here.