“In my view, the state of family – our Kaspar Companies family – is strong! We are hunters and bingo players; BBQ and chili aficionados; Aggies, a few Bobcats, and even fewer Longhorns; Eagle Scouts and antique experts; scholars and self-taught; marketers and craftsmen & craftswomen, financial professionals and team leaders. We are quiet and loud; patient and impatient; beer runners and thespians; serious and lighthearted; parents and grandparents; but most of all, the common cords of faith that bind us also keep this very diverse family strong. Indeed, there is much of me in each of these.”

          -Gerald Tempton, Chief Administrative Officer, Kaspar Companies

November 2017 brought the passing of the Kaspar Companies patriarch, Don Kaspar. Don passed away at 88 years old, and his last hour was spent in Kyle Field at an Aggie football game with friends and family. Since 1898, family has been a core value of Kaspar Companies. When your company is located in a small town, you understand the importance of family, and treating people like family … doing otherwise doesn’t get you very far in life. Kaspar Companies is a fifth-generation family owned business, and many people at Kaspar Companies consider the employees here an extension of their family.

We wanted to capture the essence of this company value and honor Don Kaspar in the Q1.2018 edition of the Kaspar Quarterly so we made it all about Family.

Gracing the cover is a beautiful painted portrait of the late Don Kaspar and his wife, Jean Kaspar, and the pages are filled with employee family photos, family stories, and a tribute to the Kaspar family.

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