Kaspar Manufacturing: the Roots of the Rebrand

How do you rebrand a manufacturing company that has existed for 118 years, recognize its historic past and propel it into the future?

Prior to becoming Kaspar Manufacturing, the company – or more accurately, companies – consisted of five different organizations, each with distinct internal cultures, leadership, and products. Imagine five trees sharing a single plot of soil. Five trunks, five fruits, a variety of leaves and a tangled mess of roots led observers to wonder exactly what the tree was.  Before we dove deeper into creating the brand, we had to wipe the slate clean and ask the most fundamental of questions:

What do we do?

Why do we exist?

What is our name?

For five generations the company had been known as Kaspar Wire Works. Through the next century, four other companies were added to the mix: Sho-Rack, Kaspar Die and Tool, Electroplating, and Kaspar Custom Fabrication.  While we were initially tasked to create 5 brands, after asking these existential questions, we pushed back on the brief and worked with executive leadership to present a single, strong brand that would more clearly showcase the capabilities and rich history of Kaspar Manufacturing.  We took five separate trees and merged them into one solid, sturdy trunk.

The Legacy Companies of Kaspar Manufacturing

Hexagon withing the original Kaspar Wire Works Basket
Hexagon within the original, handwoven Kaspar Wire Works basket

When setting out to design the logo we wanted to make sure it represented both the past of Kaspar Wire Works and the future of Kaspar Manufacturing as a modern manufacturer. Because of the sheer variety of services and products made by Kaspar Manufacturing, it wouldn’t be appropriate to hone in on any particular visual element typically used in manufacturing logos. Because no specific object could be all encompassing, we chose to reference a key piece of the old company – the famous Kaspar Wire Works wire basket, the very first product we made.  By pulling out the hexagon created by the twisted wire, we were able to reference our past and have a versatile shape to use as the foundation of the logo. The ode to a beehive accentuated the hexagon’s sense of community and allowed for a tremendous amount of visual play and versatility.

To bridge the gap between past and present, we wanted to utilize some form of yellow – from our 1970’s logo, and cyan, from the Kaspar Companies parent company logo. These two upbeat colors on the opposite side of the color wheel created a fresh, modern vibe.  For the final logo, we toned them down a little, created subsets of orange a blue and added gradients for the final logo to create a bit of sophistication and polish.

Historic Logos Color Reference


The final logo plays off the concepts of the hexagon and insinuates a converging box, as well as upward and downward arrows.  The optical illusion effect creates a degree of continuity/circularity and the four colors used reference the distinction of products and services (departments), visually showcasing how they work together as a whole to create an easier experience for clients.  The logotype is a custom created mono-weight font with slim, curved sophistication to reflect the modern practices and technology driven manufacturing process.

Kaspar Manufacturing Logo

Kaspar Manufacturing Cup

Kaspar Manufacturing Brand Guide