Creating iota Outdoors

Being a new company ourselves, we love working with startups.  It is refreshing to work with visionary entrepreneurs and creating brands on a new, blank canvas. As a new company revolutionizing the long-range hunting industry, iota Outdoors asked Espresso to form their brand from the ground up. We developed the logo, product names, packaging, website, print package and trade show booth to launch iota into the world.

The Logo

iota engineers and develops products that improve accuracy when hunting and shooting. The Greek character, “iota” means “an extremely small amount.” Ever heard of a compounding trajectory error? A shot one inch off target at 100 yards would be over 10 inches off target at 1,000 yards. On long range shots, extremely small amounts matter. The logo needed to reflect the precision and old world craftsmanship needed to push the limits of range.

Between the greek alphabet letter “i” and the purposefully small orange off-centered dot, the logo cleverly reflects the precision and accuracy enhancing design of iota products. In addition, the colors of the brand represent the color tones experienced both at dawn and dusk – sunrises, campfires, sunsets – times when outdoorsmen experience the most excitement and adrenaline on their adventures.

Iota Logo Schematics-

Iota Logos and Images


The Website

Espresso built a custom website with two distinct goals: to allow the customer to experience the development story of each iota product and to create a modern and minimal online store. In an effort to emphasize the purpose of the iota brand, we gave the online store a clean and modern look with simple shopping options.



Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 3.12.19 PM


Product Packaging

Because iota products are sold online and in gun and accessory stores, packaging that visually pops is very important. All iota scope mounts are anodized black, so we chose to put them against the iota orange background for maximum contrast. The thin line that wraps around the packaging starts at a precise orange dot but never ends – every point connects as you rotate the box around. Product identity stickers were also developed for iota. These sleek and artistic boxes, encompassing the innovative iota products, have now been shipped all over the United States.



Customized Print Package

As a foundational element for the iota brand, Espresso also created a comprehensive, customized print package. Included in this package was letterhead, envelopes, folders, dealer packet, business cards and rack cards – all representing the NEW crisp and clean iota brand.

iota print materials

Dallas Safari Club Convention

When it came time for the Dallas Safari Club convention in January 2016, Espresso equipped iota with a standout booth setup, shared by sister company Horizon Firearms, and brand-infused deliverables that made their introduction into the industry a huge success. 2

iota_horizon_booth 2

Espresso is thankful for the opportunity to work with iota outdoors on their brand creation.

To sum up the process: iota outdoors is off to a killer start.