Espresso 2017 Logo

Being dynamic is our lifeblood … boring advertising built on old platforms is a waste.

Daily we are taking calculated, creative risks with our clients’ dollars; it’s paramount that our team develops professionally and understands the macro and micro movements of the advertising, design and marketing world. As a fun and challenging manifestation of the spirit of relentless development, Espresso creates a new logo annually.

This year, the Espresso team was split into two teams and competed throughout the weekend on various challenges. The ultimate challenge was the creation of the new 2017 Espresso logo.

The guiding principles for this logo and all future logos are:

  1. It must strongly capitalize on a logo design trend from the year
  2. It includes Pantone’s color of the year
  3. It must use black – think black coffee – this is Espresso’s only permanent brand color.

Within two days, several logo options were formed and presented and a logo was voted on (all in the spirit of friendly competition, of course). After all was said and done, the “squircle”, nicknamed for its pointed and rounded corners, was chosen to be the Espresso logo of 2017.

In 10 years, we will be able to look back at 10 years of Espresso logos and see a snapshot of the visual trends and colors we lived through.  It will be a neat manifestation of visual design and we’re excited to see what future years’ logos uncover.


2016 LOGO

2016 Espresso Logo


2017 LOGO

Espresso's 2017 Logo