Ranch Hand – Impact Tour

Ranch Hand makes grille guards, bumpers and truck accessories that protect your truck.

Every year, Ranch Hand receives testimonials from customers who are involved in vehicle accidents. Many of these customers were told by first responders at the scene that the Ranch Hand product installed on their vehicle played an important role in their protection. The volume of testimonials inspired a campaign called Ranch Hand Saves Lives. Espresso worked with real customers to tell their stories about how Ranch Hand products helped protect them, family members and friends during an accident. We utilized these stories across video, print, radio and web content.

One of those customers was Seth Spiker. Seth’s wheel came off completely after hitting a pothole on the road which forced his truck off of a 40 foot overpass. The truck landed squarely on the Ranch Hand front bumper replacement attached to the truck frame. Seth walked away with only minor scratches and bruises.

Seth’s banged up Chevrolet truck is now part of an ongoing live event and tour that Espresso helped create. The After the Impact Tour is a cross country tour that transports Seth’s wrecked truck on a trailer to make visits to Ranch Hand dealers, events, truck shows and trade shows. The tour also includes grille guard giveaways and promotions.

Espresso provided full service to Ranch Hand by designing the trailer signage, finding and purchasing the trailer, and ensuring TxDOT and other rules and regulations were met with the truck and trailer. We provided specifications and details as to what type of tow vehicle would be required, prepped and mounted the trailer, and designed and sourced all the creative materials that helped tell Seth’s story. Our client had a complete product to take on tour to garner exposure, drive business and establish credibility.