Espresso Accepting Outside Client (AS IN ONLY ONE)

Since our inception as the in-house agency for Kaspar Companies and subsidiaries, we’ve executed new brand creations or complete rebrands for 8 companies as well as produced nearly all creative work for our clients the last few years. We’re thrilled with the level of trust we’ve earned and the quality of the work we’ve been able to create with our clients. All along, we have been intentionally developing our processes and structure to make the transition from purely an in-house agency to an agency prepared to serve outside clients. Last week our team participated in a webinar from a famous UK based in-house creative team about “how to excel as an in house agency” and we were tremendously encouraged because our preparation for this transition has put us a solid 2 steps ahead of the people leading the seminar … we honestly feel like we could have taught it.

We’ve carefully built our core team and confidently have the bandwidth, structure and processes to expand, but we want to do so carefully; we’re only going to accept one outside client. We want to be very selective with who we initially partner with so that we can continue to serve our existing clients with the same degree of excellence and attention and provide an amazing experience for our new partner. We believe we can add the most value to a strong Texas business who may have some agency experience and is hungry for an improvement in their brand, marketing story and creative production.

If you know anyone who may like to work with us, please refer any qualified businesses to

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