Opportunities for Freelance Writers at Espresso

Espresso is looking for freelance wordsmiths to join our coffee-fueled family of collaborative creatives. If your AP Stylebook is currently doubling as a coaster for your half-full mug, we’re interested. If you took a moment to appreciate the alliteration used in the very first sentence of this post, you’re hired.

In all seriousness, we’d like to first review your resume and read a few samples of your work before we fully commit to filling your schedule with a frequent flow of freelance projects. And we’re guessing you’d like to know a little more about who we are and the opportunities we offer before sharing your skills.

Espresso’s official description states our role as the in-house advertising agency for Kaspar Companies and its eight subsidiaries: BEDROCK Truck Beds, Texas Precious Metals, iota Outdoors, Horizon Firearms, Silverback Homes, Kaspar Manufacturing, Truckfitters and Ranch Hand. We refer to ourselves as the marketing arm of each individual company, but our range of capabilities is not confined to the marketing industry’s typical menu of services. In a single month, we have worked on a diverse list of creative projects, including a brand new company’s branding, a century-old company’s rebranding, comprehensive website content, a variety of print deliverables, retail store and office design, custom photography, film script development, trade show booth preparation, etc.

You don’t need to be an expert on our companies or an enthusiast of our industries to get a freelance writing gig at Espresso. We are fully prepared to provide the information and contacts necessary to thoroughly understand and complete each assignment. What we’re looking for is an experienced individual who is incredible at taking the facts and crafting them into a clever composition of purposefully positioned words and characters.

A background in creative writing, copywriting, content writing, journalism, marketing, advertising or any other writing-related field is preferred but not required. If you’re a self-taught wordsmith with the talent to create incredible content, we’d love to see what you can do.

Possible writing assignments include but are not limited to:

-Product descriptions
-Blog posts and pitches
-Press releases
-Profiles and short biographies
-Event announcements and recaps
-Marketing materials

Espresso team members operate out of the corporate headquarters in Shiner, Texas, as well as a satellite office in College Station, Texas. Espresso’s freelance writers work remotely and communicate with the writing department via Skype, email and Google Drive.

To submit an application for the freelance writer position at Espresso, email the following materials to Samantha@espressotx.com:

-Cover letter that specifies the writing assignments and/or industry topics you would prefer to focus on if applicable.
-Compensation rates if applicable.
-A variety of writing samples. Please include at least one example from a published source or a freelance project. You do not need to send more than five examples.
-In 100 words or less, convince me to purchase a pen that cannot write.